NimForUE – Nim Programming in UE 5.x

If you are creating a game using the Unreal Engine, you currently have two ways to program your game, the relatively low level C++ programming language and the much higher level Blueprint visual programming system. If you want a higher level than C++ language but still desire a high performance option, it might be worthwhile checking out NimForUE, which brings the Nim language (GFS overview here) to UE 5.x.

NimForUE is described as:

Nim plugin for UE5 with native performance, hot reloading and full interop that sits between C++ and Blueprints. This allows you to do common UE workflows like for example to extend any UE class in Nim and extending it again in Blueprint if you wish so without restarting the editor. The final aim is to be able to do in Nim what you can do in C++.

And obvious follow-up question is… why would you use NimForUE in the first place? Here is the explanation from NimForUE:

Why NimForUE?

The core idea is to have a short feedback loop while having native performance and a modern language that can access all features Unreal provides.

The plugin outputs native dynamic libraries (DLLs) that are hooked into UnrealEngine.

The design philosophy is to not change any unreal conventions on the API side of things, so anyone that knows Unreal can reuse its knowledge. The code guidelines follow (for the most part) the Nim conventions when not in contradiction with the Unreal ones.

NimForUE is an open source project released under the flexible MIT open source license.

Key Links

NimForUE GitHub Repository

Discord Server

Nim Template (Start here)

You can learn more about using the Nim programming language with Unreal Engine using NimForUE in the video tutorial below.

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