Nintendo Game Builder Garage Game Engine For Switch Announced

Nintendo have just announced the upcoming release of Game Builder Garage for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a new Visual Programming based game development suite that runs directly on the switch and is aimed at teaching kids how to develop games. Game Builder Garage is releasing on June 11th and will cost $30USD. In addition to tools and a visual programming language for creating games it will also come with 7 full game tutorials walking you through the game creation process.

Game Builder Garage is most likely derived from the Nintendo Labo line a collection of educational projects that involve building real world devices out of folded cardboard. Logic for your creations was provided by Toy Con Garage that runs directly on your Nintendo switch and appears to be the inspiration (including the name) for Game Builder.

Game Builder Garage isn’t the only option when it comes to developing games on the Nintendo Switch. Two existing options include FUZE and SmileBASIC 4. FUSE is closer in target audience to the new Nintendo Game engine, but takes a traditional programming approach, while SmileBASIC is a more performant and lower level option aimed at traditional developers.

If you are looking to get your child started in the world of game development there are several options off the Nintendo Switch including the just covered Microsoft MakeCode Arcade as well as several game engines featured in our Game Development for Kids guide.

You can learn more about Game Builder Garage and the other programming options for the Nintendo Switch in the video below.

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