NoesisGUI — Hands-On With the Game User Interface Framework

Today we are going hands-on with NoesisGUI, a middleware UI framework for games and other high performance applications. Noesis has been used to make AAA games such as the upcoming Baldur’s Gate 3 and dozens of other games and applications developed by customers such as Ninja Theory, Microsoft, Riot Games, Capcom and more.

NoesisGUI enables designers to author games using Microsoft’s XAML markup created visually in Expressions Blend(which is included as part of the Visual Studio suite of developer tools), while programmers can easily integrate the created UI in several game engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine, or directly in their own native or managed game engine using the SDK.

Noesis is implemented on all major platforms, operating systems and consoles:

Neosis Supported Platforms

If you are interesting in checking out NoesisGUI you can download it for free for Unreal, Unity, C# and C++. There are also several different samples here that you can run directly in your browser. You can see NoesisGUI in action and learn more about it in the sponsored video below.

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