Now for something completely dull!


Having too much fun and want to make life a bit duller?


If so, I have the perfect site for you!  There is a newly launched game development blog at Dull as Dishwater. It’s extremely young at this point in time, with exactly two posts, one of which is the introduction post. 




Why then am I bothering to point it out?  That would be because the premise behind the blog is absolutely brilliant ( and boring! ).  He intends to cover the nuts and bolts “boring” parts of game development.  Game development blogs tend to focus heavily on the “exciting” parts of game development… graphics, audio and pushing the boundaries of the meaning of the word exciting, algorithms.


DullAsDishwater on the other hand is going to focus on the boring minutiae that go in to every game.  Currently the only technical post covers dealing with mouse cursor sensitivity across display resolutions.  Not the most exciting thing, but one of those things you will have to deal with.


So here’s hoping he continues to keep up bored with new updates in the future.

Totally Off Topic Programming

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