nunuStudio Game Engine Review

NuNuStudio is a free and open source 3D game engine built on top of the open source Three.js framework (tutorial-lite available here). It is a fully featured 3D game engine with editor that can either be run locally or remotely in your web browser.

Features of nunuStudio include:

  • nunuStudio is an open source game engine for the web it allows designers and web developers to easily develop 3D experiences for the web.
  • Powered by three.js can run directly in the web or be exported as desktop application trough
  • Fully featured visual editor, supports a wide range of file formats, the tools are open source and completely free to use for both personal and commercial usage.
  • Visual scene editor, code editor, visual tools to edit textures, materials, particle emitters and a powerful scripting API that allows the creation of complex applications using JavaScript or Python.
  • Fully featured web version of the editor is available on the project page.
  • The web version is tested with Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge, mobile browsers are supported as well.

Key Links

nunuStudio Homepage

Run Editor In Your Browser

GitHub Repostiroy


You can learn more about nunuStudio and see it in action in the video review below.

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