NVIDIA GauGAN 2 and NVIDIA Canvas AI Powered Graphics

Today we are checking out NVIDIA GauGAN2 online demo as well as NVIDIA Canvas, a downloadable AI art creation tool powered by machine learning. GauGAN is named after artist Paul Gauguin and GAN, or generational adversarial network, a popular machine learning algorithm. We looked at the first iteration of GauGAN the beginning of 2021 when we checked out AI Powered Art Tools. The recently released GauGAN 2 adds some interesting new functionality, specifically text based input.

Details of the GauGAN 2 release from the NVIDIA developer blog:

GauGAN2 combines segmentation mapping, inpainting and text-to-image generation in a single model, making it a powerful tool to create photorealistic art with a mix of words and drawings.

The demo is one of the first to combine multiple modalities — text, semantic segmentation, sketch and style — within a single GAN framework. This makes it faster and easier to turn an artist’s vision into a high-quality AI-generated image.

Rather than needing to draw out every element of an imagined scene, users can enter a brief phrase to quickly generate the key features and theme of an image, such as a snow-capped mountain range. This starting point can then be customized with sketches to make a specific mountain taller or add a couple trees in the foreground, or clouds in the sky.

It doesn’t just create realistic images — artists can also use the demo to depict otherworldly landscapes.

Imagine for instance, recreating a landscape from the iconic planet of Tatooine in the Star Wars franchise, which has two suns. All that’s needed is the text “desert hills sun” to create a starting point, after which users can quickly sketch in a second sun.

It’s an iterative process, where every word the user types into the text box adds more to the AI-created image.

Additionally we check out NVIDIA Canvas, a downloadable application for NVIDIA RTX card owners, that using the GauGAN algorithms to enable AI assisted image generation. The new GauGAN2 text driven functionality is not in Canvas yet unfortunately.

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You can learn more about GauGAN 2 and see it and NVIDIA Canvas in action in the video below.

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