NVidia NSIght Visual Studio Edition 4.5 released


Nvidia just released version 4.5 of their NSight Visual Studio Edition graphics programming toolkit that I mentioned in the OpenGL resource roundup.


The follow are the major points of this new release:

New NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 4.5 Features:

Graphics Debugging and Profiling

  • Expanded OpenGL API support to include the 4.3 core profile features.

  • Added the capability for OpenGL applications to generate source code to replay captured frames outside of the original application. Allows users to compile and rerun the captured frame and share and modify generated code. 

  • Improved performance in Frame Debugger and Analysis Tracing modes by reduction of interception overhead, resulting in better interactivity and improved accuracy of data measurement.

  • Added a new Frame Statistics View that includes call counts for draw calls, dispatches, clears, etc.

  • Added a histogram control to the Resources View to visualize color channels and perform range remapping for visualization.

  • The Memory View can now export data to CSV or binary files.

Compute Debugging and Profiling

  • CUDA 7.0 RC

  • Several bug fixes




NVida Insight is completely free and can be downloaded here.  Obviously Visual Studio is required, but as it is now free that shouldn’t be a big problem.


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