NVIDIA OMNIVERSE For Game Developers

Today at the Game Developer Conference (GDC and GTC… yeah, there are two developers conferences going on right now!) NVIDIA announced OMNIVERSE for game developers, with new tools and an Unreal Engine 5 connector. NVIDIA OMNIVERSE can be thought of as glue between various developer pipelines with a layer of tools built on top of it, as well as connectors for dozens of applications including Unreal Engine, 3DS Max, Maya, Blender and more. If you are interested in learning more about NVIDIA OMNIVERSE check out our hands-on review available here.

In terms of todays announcement:

Enriching its game developer ecosystem, NVIDIA today announced the launch of new NVIDIA Omniverse™ features that make it easier for developers to share assets, sort asset libraries, collaborate and deploy AI to animate characters’ facial expressions in a new game development pipeline.

With the NVIDIA Omniverse real-time design collaboration and simulation platform, game developers can use AI- and NVIDIA RTX™-enabled tools, or easily build custom ones, to streamline, accelerate and enhance their development workflows. New features for game developers include updates to Omniverse Audio2Face™, Omniverse Nucleus Cloud and Omniverse DeepSearch, as well as the introduction of Unreal Engine 5 Omniverse Connector.

“Omniverse provides a powerful development pipeline that addresses the challenges of doing business in today’s world,” said Frank DeLise, vice president of Omniverse at NVIDIA. “Its ability to unify artists, art, tools and applications under a single platform can inspire collaboration among even the most dispersed game development organization.”

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You can learn more about NVIDIA OMNIVERSE for game development in the video below.

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