NVIDIA Open Source PhysX 4.0

NVIDIA just announced that their upcoming (December 20th) release of PhysX 4.0 will be available under the BSD3 open source license.  Additionally effective today, the existing PhysX 3.4 will also be available under this open source license.  It is important to note however that this is for desktop and mobile consoles only, as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions are all still under the existing EULA (this I believe).  In addition to the license change, the 4.0 release has a number of new features including:

  • Temporal Gauss-Seidel Solver (TGS), which makes machinery, characters/ragdolls, and anything else that is jointed or articulated much more robust. TGS dynamically re-computes constraints with each iteration, based on bodies’ relative motion.
  • Overall stability has been improved with reduced coordinate articulations and joint improvements.
  • Increased scalability via new filtering rules for kinematics and statics.
  • New Bounding Volume Hierarchies support fast scene queries for actors with a huge number of shapes.
  • Infrastructure can now incorporate Cmake projects.

You can download PhysX 3.4 here and stay tuned on December 20th to download PhysX 4.0.

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