nVIdia Release VkHLF–Vulkan High Level Framework


Vulkan is the successor API to OpenGL and takes things a lot closer to the GPU.  The flipside to this, a lot more is left to the developer to implement.  nVidia have release VkHLF, the Vulkan High Level Framework, to help developers deal with some of the grunt work involved with using Vulkan.  Unlike Vulkan-HPP, VkHLF does add overhead to your code, so there is a performance cost to be paid.  Here is the description of VkHLF taken from the Github readme:

Vulkan High Level Framework

VkHLF is an experimental high level abstraction library on top of Vulkan. It adds features like transparent suballocation, resource tracking on the CPU & GPU and simplified resource creation while staying as close as possible to the original Vulkan API. In contrast to Vulkan-Hpp, which was carefully designed to be a zero-overhead C++ abstraction for Vulkan, this library adds significant higher-level functionality. Even so, it has been designed for high-performance, but it can cost performance relative to native Vulkan if not employed with the intended usage patterns.

Since this project is in its early stages and under heavy development expect bugs and interface changes for a while. It should not be used for production code yet!


As the last line says, this is an early stage project and should not be used for production code.  You can check out some samples here.  Even though it helps with some of the complexity, the Hello Vulkan example is still nearly 400 lines of code!

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