O3DE 22.05 Released

O3DE, the open source game engine previously known as Lumberyard, just released their first major release of 2022, O3DE 22.05. One of the major flaws with O3DE in the past was the onboarding experience and I’m happy to say it’s now a great deal easier to get up and running with O3DE, with Linux and Windows based installers available.

In terms of new features in the 22.05 release:

The new Open 3D Engine release 22.05 offers several improvements aiming to make it easier for developers to build 3D simulations for AAA games and various applications across robotics, AI, metaverse, digital twin, automotive, healthcare, and more. Significant advancements include motion matching updates, user-defined property (UDP) support for the asset pipeline and automated testing advancements, such as installer validation.

Motion matching, a data-driven animation technique that synthesizes motions based on existing animation data and current character and input contexts to deliver photorealistic experiences, is introduced in this release as an experimental gem. It includes a prefabricated character example that can be controlled using a gamepad.

Key Links

O3DE Homepage

22.05 Press Release

Release Notes

Discord Server

This is the first major release of 2022, with one more release expected in October. Of course this is an open source project so you can build it from source any time, the code is hosted on GitHub. You can learn more about the O3DE 22.05 release in the video below.

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