Octave3D Level Design Power Tool for Unity

As part of the ongoing Unity Fantasy GameDev Bundle on Humble, we are taking a look at key items in the bundle and today we check out Octave3D. If you are interested in learning about other assets in this bundle be sure to check out our Node Canvas, RPG Builder and ODIN Inspector coverage.

Octave3D is a toolset that makes level creation a breeze in Unity, making it easy for placement of objects in your game world. If you are trying to create a world out of modular assets, Octave3D can help. Octave3D is described as:

Octave3D is a powerful collection of prefab snap and paint tools, seamlessly integrated into a single Level Design package to offer you a fun and rewarding experience while building beautiful and cool looking environments in no time.

Key features include:

prefab categories and tags;
• grid snapping;
• object to object snapping;
• easy prop placement;
• prefab brushes;
• object groups;
• symmetry;
• support for multi-story environments;
• tile connections;
• object selection;
• single and mass erase tools;
• snap and paint masks;
• 2D sprite support;
• level optimization (mesh combine);
• … and so much more!

Key Links:

You can learn more about the Octave3D level design power tools for Unity in the video below. The above links may contain an affiliate code that pays GFS a small commission if used (and thanks so much if you do!).

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