Oculus Launch Oculus Start Developer Program

Today Oculus announced a new developer program, Oculus Start.  If you are accepted to the program youimage can get a year free of Unity plus or a royalty free Unreal Engine license!  Additionally you get access to additional support directly from Oculus as well as addition SDK and beta tools access.

From the Oculus blog:

Today, we’re launching a developer program called Oculus Start aimed at providing access, support and savings to qualifying VR developers. We’re launching this program to offload some of the development costs of qualified developers so that they can focus on what’s really important – creating amazing VR applications. We know there is no shortage of inspired ideas and creative minds breaking ground in VR. Creativity isn’t the barrier. Resources shouldn’t be either. If your first app is underway, we can help you optimize for more success in this project and your next. Just as we’re scaling VR through our devices, we’re scaling support to the developer ecosystem.

We’re accepting applications starting today!

To see if you qualify, fill in the appropriate info in the application form.Once submitted, we’ll review your submission and we’ll get back to you shortly.

There are no fees or catches (but, be sure to check out the important info and link to governing terms. We simply want to help support developers on their VR journey and continue to build the VR future together.

The criteria to qualify for Oculus Start is as follows:

Oculus may approve your application in its sole discretion, and approval may be withheld or withdrawn without notice. You are eligible to participate if you: (a) have a valid email address; (b) are at least the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence; (c) have never yourself or through a VR project received funding from a platform (e.g., without limitation, Oculus, Google, Microsoft, Valve, Steam, HTC), venture capital, or crowdsourcing over USD$10,000.00; (d) as of the date of application, must have published an app on the Oculus Store or another virtual reality platform; (e) have an Oculus developer account; and (f) if you are participating in connection with your VR work within an organization, that organization must be privately held. Limit of one (1) application per person and up to two (2) per organization. Each of up to two (2) developers working on VR projects within the same organization may apply to the program, however, no developer’s application will be accepted if they work with more than one (1) other developer on VR projects within an organization.

So then, what are the benefits of Oculus Start?  They are threefold, access, support and savings as follows:


A direct path to early tech and networking opportunities get you going faster, first. Benefits may include:

Get developer kits for new and existing hardware.

Receive access to beta tools and services.

Gain new knowledge and bond with fellow developers at industry events like Oculus Connect.


Oculus experts will help you troubleshoot and elevate your VR creations. Benefits may include:

Receive dedicated technical support.

Meet 1:1 with our veteran VR team at local events.

Connect with the community of VR developers to share your development experiences.


Oculus partnerships and network benefits will help offset development costs. Benefits may include:

Receive one year free Unity Plus license or a royalty free Unreal license.*

Get to know the Oculus Store better with Oculus wallet credits.

Learn more at the Oculus Start homepage.

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