OpenFL 4.1 and Lime 3.1 Released


OpenFL is the rebrand of NME, a cross platform HaXe media framework designed to implement a Flash like API for the Haxe programming langauge.  Lime is the lower level library OpenFL is built upon.  Both saw new releases this week


From the OpenFL release notes:

4.1.0 (08/29/2016)

  • Added new Stage3D code migrated from the (now defunct) PlayScript project
  • Added support for ENTER_FRAME, EXIT_FRAME and RENDER if not on the stage
  • Added openfl.ui.MouseCursor and Mouse.cursor support
  • Made minor changes to read-only getter properties to reduce code
  • Added to/from UInt conversion for standard enum types
  • Added duration to HTML5 NetStream onMetaData object
  • Added vector.insertAt
  • Added dictionary.exists
  • Improved stroking in graphics API
  • Improved openfl.Vector for better accuracy/performance
  • Fixed the order of ADDED and ADDED_TO_STAGE events
  • Fixed the behavior of vector.concat with no arguments
  • Fixed on HTML5
  • Fixed Capabilities.screenResolutionY
  • Fixed an issue with HTML5 shape positioning


Now from the Lime release notes:

3.1.0 (08/29/2016)

  • Switched from Ant to Gradle for Android builds
  • Added workarounds for some Haxe 3.3.0-rc1 issues
  • Added support for hidden windows on the desktop
  • Improved HTML5 mouse move by ignoring repeat events
  • Fixed issues in ArrayBuffer when values were null
  • Fixed a cross-origin issue that affected some browsers
  • Fixed support for System directories on Android
  • Fixed null fromBytes/fromImage conversion

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