OpenFL 4.5 and Lime 3.5 Released


A pair of game development libraries have just been released for Haxe, OpenFL 4.5 and Lime 3.5.  Lime is a low level framework that provides access to the underlying hardware including graphics, audio and input, very similar in scope to SFML, LWJGL and SDL.  OpenFL is then built on top of Lime and provides a Haxe based implementation of the Flash API including game oriented frameworks like Stage3D.  This new release brings improved SWF support, improved HTML5 DOM support, increased GPU functionality and pre-loader improvements.  You can read the full release notes here.


Individual release notes follow.

OpenFL changelog:

  • Revised the custom preloader system to use an ordinary Sprite
  • Preloader Sprites now receives PROGRESS events and a cancelable COMPLETE
  • Improved SWF-based assets to use self-contained asset libraries
  • Removed support for new Vector<T> ([]) as it breaks on C++
  • Improved C++ performance on debug builds, added -Dopenfl-debug
  • Fixed support for custom preloaders on the Flash target
  • Fixed issues with hit testing on scaled vector graphics
  • Fixed hit testing for Video objects and some other hit test issues
  • Fixed support for centered SWF-based text
  • Fixed file-type detection in Loader when using a query string
  • Fixed support for single-pass custom shader filters
  • Fixed the initial scale for high DPI windows on OpenGL rendering
  • Fixed the position of touch events on high DPI windows
  • Fixed creation of framebuffers if filters are not used
  • Fixed a regression in quality


Lime changelog:

  • Made major changes to Assets and the behavior of asset libraries
  • Made progress on a better asset manifest system
  • Made significant improvements to the iOS project templates
  • Moved lime.Assets to lime.utils.Assets
  • Added lime.utils.AssetLibrary, lime.utils.AssetType, lime.utils.AssetManifest
  • Added static “loadFrom” constructors for core types
  • Improved C++ performance on debug builds, added -Dlime-debug
  • Updated CFFI bytes to better support C# target
  • Fixed the ‘cannot find build target “by”‘ error with current Haxe releases
  • Fixed support for *.hxp projects
  • Fixed some compile errors when core types were used in macros
  • Fixed a minor issue with HTTPRequest on HTML5
  • Fixed Android template so READ_PHONE_STATE is not a required permission
  • Fixed support for <haxelib name="" path="" />
  • Fixed a regression with the quality of generated SVG icons

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