OpenFL 8.0.0 Released

The open source media framework for the Haxe language OpenFL just released version 8.0.0.  The framework also released several fixes and improvements especially in shader support.

Details from the release notes:

  • Deprecated DOMSprite, OpenGLView and TileArray
  • Updated to Lime 6.3.*
  • Added DisplayObjectShader, GraphicsShader, BitmapFilterShader
  • Added graphics.drawQuads and graphics.beginShaderFill
  • Added DOMElement, GraphicsQuadPath and GraphicsShaderPath
  • Added displayObject.shader and displayObject.invalidate()
  • Added support for inheritance within Shader classes
  • Added initial support for displayObject.cacheAsBitmapMatrix
  • Added missing “NetStream.Seek.Complete” event in NetStream
  • (Beta) Added RenderEvent for custom DisplayObject rendering
  • Improved the behavior of PerspectiveProjection to be more accurate
  • Improved graphics.drawTriangles to support running in OpenGL
  • Improved cacheAsBitmap to support OpenGL render-to-texture
  • Improved filters to support OpenGL shader-based filters
  • Improved Shader to support uploading of custom attributes
  • Improved Shader to support enabling or constant values
  • Improved the behavior of buttonMode on MovieClip objects
  • Improved the performance of openfl.Vector on native targets
  • Improved Shader to generate strictly-typed fields
  • Improved Graphics to upscale only (to prevent reallocation)
  • Improved updating of object transform information internally
  • Improved behavior of window focus on desktop targets
  • Improved the behavior of numpad ENTER to be more consistent
  • Improved the playback of nested MovieClip animations
  • Improved the performance of displayObject.getBounds
  • Improved the handling of inputs to beginGradientFill
  • Improved support for byteArray.readObject and writeObject
  • Fixed the return type of BitmapData.fromBytes on JS
  • Fixed missing password field in SWF-based TextField objects
  • Fixed some minor issues in colorTransform.concat
  • Fixed some incorrect values in TextField scrollV/scrollH
  • Fixed use of current defaultTextFormat when using setTextFormat
  • Fixed the behavior of restrict/maxChars to affect user input only
  • Fixed use of context.resetTransform for certain browsers
  • Fixed support for use of matrix and clipRect in bitmapData.draw
  • Fixed some issues in mask support in the OpenGL and Canvas renderers
  • Fixed a minor issue in DisplayObject event bubbling
  • Fixed initialization of socket flags if a socket is lost on IPv6
  • Fixed setting colorTransform in some MovieClip animations
  • Fixed some discrepancies in the externs for the OpenFL API
  • Fixed an additional render that occurred on some drawTriangles calls
  • Fixed performance regression in Tilemap
  • Fixed initialization of some AGAL register values
  • Fixed ignoring of up/down key events in single-line TextField objects
  • Fixed the value of textWidth/textHeight when not type INPUT
  • Fixed use of cacheAsBitmap on TextField objects
  • Fixed support for transparent backend in OpenFL preloader class
  • Fixed possible errors in HTML parser on text with invalid HTML
  • Fixed incorrect bounds when rendering SimpleButton on canvas
  • Fixed JPEG2 and JPEG3 tag parsing in older SWF versions
  • Fixed support for graphics.drawRect with negative coordinates
  • Fixed an issue where EOF on sockets could close the socket prematurely
  • Fixed concatenation of two empty openfl.Vector objects

You can install the Haxelib command:

haxelib install openfl  haxelib run openfl setup

If you have problems with the installation be sure to check out the following page. 

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