OpenFL 8.3 Released

Version 8.3 of the popular Haxe media library OpenFL was just released.  OpenFL implements the Flash api, enabling developers to create cross platform rich media apps and games for several different platforms.

The 8.3 release includes some improvements to tilemap supports but mostly contains a variety of fixes including:

  • Added tile.blendMode and tilemap.tileBlendModeEnabled
  • Added netStream.dispose() and improved netStream.close() support
  • Improved buffer handling for OpenGL Tilemap rendering
  • Fixed default HTML5 template after Chrome passive event listener change
  • Fixed a regression in rendering of TextFormatAlign.JUSTIFY text
  • Fixed dispatching of Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE on document class in NPM builds
  • Fixed missing loader.contentLoaderInfo.bytes field
  • Fixed using bitmapData.hitTest against another BitmapData object
  • Fixed return value of eventDispatcher.dispatchEvent() when default is prevented
  • Fixed timing issue with multiple texture units in custom OpenGL shaders
  • Fixed MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER/MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT to dispatch in each event phase
  • Fixed some issues when using -Dopenfl-power-of-two textures
  • Fixed stage.color to mark rendering as dirty when changed
  • Fixed on HTML5 to allow reading of input later

You can read more about the release here, and learn how to download OpenFL here.

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