O’Reilly Classics Bundle

Humble have just launched the O’Reilly Classics bundle, a collection of classic books from O’Reilly Press.  The bundle is organized into tiers, where if you buy a higher dollar value tier you get all of the books below that dollar value as well.

This bundles tiers are:


  • 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know
  • JavaScript: The Good Parts
  • Revolution in the Valley
  • The Cathedral & The Bazaar
  • Programming Perl


  • Java in a Nutshell
  • SSH The Secure Shell
  • Git Pocket Guide
  • Vi and Vim Editors
  • Painters and Hackers


  • DNS & Bind
  • Data Analysis with Open Source Tools
  • Information Architecture
  • Head First Java

As with all Humble bundles you get to decide how your money is allocated, between the publisher, charity, Humble and if you so wish (and thanks if you do!) to support GameFromScratch if purchased using this link.  Learn more about this bundle in the video below.

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