Helix Editor is an open source terminal based Neovim like code editor written entirely in Rust and available on most major platforms

Helix Code Editor

In a similar vein to NeoVim today we look at the Helix text editor. This is a terminal based code editor heavily inspired by the classic Vi/Vim text editors using a nearly identical control set while including more features out of the box than most of the other Vim alternatives. […]

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GameMaker in 2024 developer roadmap. Adding prefabs, plugins, Javascript and maybe C# support

GameMaker in 2024

GameMaker just outlined new features coming to the seminal game engine GameMaker in 2024 and there are some pretty massive changes on the horizon. Highlight new features coming to GameMaker include: New Code Editor This is actually already available in the GameMaker beta (check it out in action here). This

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