Cocos2D-html5 alpha released

  This is one of those libraries I really have been meaning to check out.  Every time I turn around it seems like it’s been ported to another platform and today is no different!  Cocos2D can now target HTML5.     In the developers own words:   We are happy to announce that Cocos2d-html5 alpha […]

Signs of life at!

  I have long been a cheerleader of the excellent Wings3D a freely available 3D modeler in the vein of the long dead Nendo.  Sadly, the main developer announced his intention to stop development of Wings.  The project seemed destined for death, and for a number of months that was exactly what seemed to be […]

PlayN 1.3.1

  Quickly following on the release of PlayN 1.3, a new release Playn 1.3.1 has been announced.  There aren’t a lot of changes, mostly just cleaning up the maven integration.  It has absolutely no effect on the NetBeans instructions I posted earlier.  If you are working on an iOS project, I am sure you will […]

Using Netbeans 7.1.2 with PlayN 1.3

  This tutorial is going to cover everything you need to know to get a PlayN project up and running using NetBeans.  In the end you will know everything you need in order to be able to create and run the Java, Web and Android projects using PlayN 1.3.  The iOS project should work as […]

PlayN 1.3 Released

  The developers over at Google have announced PlayN release 1.3!  Ok, I’m a bit late to the party, as they actually announced it two days ago, but hey… it was a holiday here in Canada, so I was allowed to be asleep at the wheel on this one!   So, what have we got […]

GameFly goes mobile. Announces Android store and iOS and Android developer fund.

It looks like GameFly, the Netflix of gaming, has decided to enter the mobile gaming space in a big way.   First, about a week back, it announced a partnership with Future US increasing their marketing reach:   The collaboration will encompass international 360-degree content, e-commerce and advertising. Both companies will also work on various content […]

Compiling Pang for release and distribution

    This entire tutorial series made use of Debug build libraries.  This quick section covers the process of actually rebuilding Pang using release libraries.     The first thing you need here is DLLs compiled for Visual Studio 2010 with the EXACT same settings as your project.  If you decide to build them yourself, […]

This is why I say C++ isn’t a beginner friendly language

    You often hear people say things like “It’s memory management that makes C++ difficult”, this is patently false.  What makes C++ so incredibly difficult for new users ( and experienced ones! ) is the complexity.  Note, I didn’t say difficulty, I said complexity.   Today was one of those perfect examples, one of […]

Applying FarSeer Physics to PSSDK

  Someone on the PlayStation Suite forum recently asked if there was an implementation of the Box2D physics library that would work with PS Suite.  Initially Box2Dx looked encouraging, but in the end it relied on some unsafe ( as in the keyword ) code, plus it was quite a bit out of date.  In […]

Building a SFML 1.6 project in release mode

 EDIT: DO not use the included binaries, instead look at the link from the Pang tutorial series to your right!   I have gotten a few emails or messages on this topic, enough so that I figure I will put together a post on the subject.  In my PANG! SFML C++ game tutorial, I show […]

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