Game From Scratch C++ Edition Part 6

    In this chapter we really get a move on, literally.  Bad puns aside, we are going to add keyboard controls to our PlayerPaddle, as well as create the game ball class.  In order to add input to our PlayerPaddle ( and other game objects ) we need to make some changes to our […]

Introducing GameFromScratch C++ Edition

  Regardless to what you say to people, they still want to start with C++.  In looking around recently for beginners resources in C++, I noticed many of these tutorials are brutally out of date and simply put, many of them are crap.     That’s why I took a bit of a detour from […]

Game From Scratch C++ Edition Part 5

    This section is going to be a bit of overkill for a simple pong game, but in a game of any greater complexity this is a task you are going to encounter eventually.  You see, until now we have just been declaring all the various bits and bobs ( really technical term there […]

Game From Scratch C++ and SFML Edition!

  Want to create a game using C++ and SFML?  This is the perfect place to start! This tutorial series will follow the creation of a simple game in C++ from the very beginning till the end, a micro-version of the overall purpose of this site.  C++ is an evolving language standard and a great […]

Game From Scratch C++ Edition Part 4

  In this section we are going to accomplish one very small task.  We are going to get this sprite:     to draw on the screen ( Click here to download paddle.png ).  In the process we are going to look a little deeper into object oriented programming, specifically inheritance, where you will see […]

Game From Scratch C++ Edition Part 3

    So, now we have a functioning game loop and a screen to draw on, lets add some more functionality.  This time we are going to add a menu and a welcome splash screen.  We are going to take a consistent approach in that all “screens” are in charge of handling their own input. […]

Customizing Blender’s UI

  When just starting out with Blender, figuring your way around the UI is probably the most difficult step.  One of the most difficult things to come to terms with is creating and closing windows.  This is something that changed massively from Blender 2.4 to 2.5, so a lot of the documentation out there is […]

Game from Scratch C++ Edition Part 2

    Alright, code time! In this part we are going to setup the general framework for our application. Pang! is going to be state driven, which means at any given time the game is in exactly one state. It is by changing states that we control program flow. It also makes certain tasks like […]

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