Clearing your settings in Wings 3D

  Saved a hotkey you wish you hadn’t?  Want to go back to default settings?  It’s easy enough.   In Windows 7, follow the following steps.   Hit the Start button Type “   %appdata%   “ then press enter In the explorer window that opens, select the Wings3D folder. Now either delete or edit the preferences.txt […]

The Unity 3.4/3.5 roadmap revealed

  So there is a blog post up on showing what’s coming down the pipeline.  There’s some pretty interesting stuff on there.  Apparently Unity 3.4 is at the release candidate stage and there are a few major announcements.  Terrain support in iOS and Android is a biggy, execution order on scripts, procedural texture support […]

Taking a walk on the wild side

  One of the nicest features of going with Blender is the fact that it is open source.  One of the nicest facts of open source is you don’t have to wait for a vendor to release a new version, you can go get the cutting edge version at any time.  That said, building Blender […]

Cocos2D book round-up

Cocos2D for iPhone 0.99 Beginner’s Guide Cocos2d for iPhone 1 Game Development Cookbook Learn cocos2d Game Development with iOS 5 Learn iPhone and iPad cocos2d Game Development Learning Cocos2D: A Hands-On Guide to Building iOS Games with Cocos2D, Box2D and Chipmunk iPhone Cool Projects (**) Pro iOS 5 Augmented Reality (**) cocos2d-x手机游戏开发:跨iOS、Android和沃Phone平台(*)   (*) cocos2d-x […]

A little video capturing SNAFU

  So, until this point I have been using Microsoft’s Expressions Encoder to do video capture for tutorials on this site.  I am an MSDN subscriber and already had the Expression Studio installed, so even though I was really (…….. really ) pushing the bounds of my license I went ahead and used it.  Then […]

We all like free right?

  Well here is one out of nowhere.  StudioGPU have released their flagship product MachStudio Pro 2 for free.  Real free too so far as I can tell, not free with an asterisk free.  For those of you that have never heard of MachStudio, it is in very rough terms a near to realtime renderer […]

Chapter One – 3D Basics

  Chapter One covers a trip down the pipeline, starting off with a set of terms you should know, followed by some basic modeling, then we take that model into Unity.  Lots of this chapter is aimed at the very beginner, so if you are knowledgeable on a covered topic, feel free to skip ahead. […]

Letting someone else do the heavy lifting

  As YouTube allows videos up to 1080p in size and does a very good job of providing downsampled versions, from now on I will try to publish all future videos in 1080p.  The only exception are videos capture on my 720p laptop…. which will obviously be 720p. Only downside is, some of these can […]

On upcoming posts

  I am struggling a bit on how to format a “book” in blog terms.  What is the best way for me to get information across.  One of the big goals of this site is to guide a beginner through the entire process of creating a game.  At the same time however, as I come […]

Size doesn’t matter?

  You bet your ass it does!   When moving between applications, each has it’s own unit of measure and frankly 1 has a very different meaning from application to application!  In Wings, a Wings “unit” is completely arbitrary.  So for example if you make a cube 1 by 1 by 1, the “1” means […]

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