Blender Documentation had a major facelift

Alright, so it happened 6 days ago, but today is the first time I noticed.     Blender’s document has had a serious facelift.  The new version is much nicer and addresses one of the worst aspects of Blender, the so-so documentation.  The content is the same but now it is actually accessible.      […]

GFS C++ Pang! Part 6 is now live

  Ok, it actually has been live for a couple days and I forgot to post an update here, oops.     In this chapter we add animation to our PlayerPaddle class, including player keyboard input.  We cover off topics such as running at the same speed on multiple machines, dealing with protected member variables […]

iPang The adventures of Pang on MacOS

  I recently had a user who tried to run Pang on MacOS and there were a few incompatibilities.   So today, I fired up my trust old iMac and created my first ever C++ Application in XCode 4.1 and I have to say, it really wasn’t all that pleasant of an experience!     […]

In defense of C++

  You may have noticed many times on my blog that I am not the biggest fan of C++.  I hands down believe that it is one of the dumbest languages a user could learn with.  A good majority of programmers should never be exposed to C++ and should be happy if fate affords them […]

Project Cleaner

  In putting together content for this site, I find myself working in Visual C++ which presented an unintended consequence, the project folder’s files are big, huge in fact!  Most of the problem boils down to the intermediate files that Visual C++ generates for intellisense and pre-compiled headers.   Therefore each time I wanted to […]

This is some kind of stupid…

  I am currently working on a beginner level tutorial using SFML and just ran into a show stopper that I want to share.  If you are already using SFML 1.6, this is probably old news to you, but it caused me enough pain that I want to share it here.  Maybe someone in the […]

Adventures in C++

  So, for an upcoming post, I’ve decided to dive back into the world of C++ and let me tell you, I already remember why I hate this world so much.  I am an experienced programmer, well over a dozen years coding professionally and I have into a half dozen roadblocks already.  I just can’t […]

So you want to build Blender yourself?

  EDIT: Now with video!   After yesterday’s post, I noticed there wasn’t a recent build of Avocado available so I got to wondering how much work it would be to build a Blender branch.  In the end the answer is “not much”, with a bunch of caveats.  Frankly the hardest part is configuring your […]

So you want to be a “real” programmer?

  When I was starting out, I was just dying to earn my “real programmer badge™”.  At the time “real programmers” used assembly and I was taking the lazy easy way out using C.  So, in my quest to earn my real programmer badge I taught myself assembly.  Now it took me 10 times as […]

Sculpting, the next generation?

  In every industry there are definitely trends, and the CG world is no exception.  I remember the days when patch modeling were the “IT” thing, and every package under the sun added some forms of patch or spline modeling feature to its toolbox.  Then came NURBS and Sub-D surfaces, etc…     These days, […]

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