Humble JavaScript Coding Bundle

There is a new Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, the Humble JavaScript Coding Bundle.  This bundle consists of JavaScript themed courses from Zenva,  many of which are themed around game development related topics.  Do be aware that many of the included courses have been included in prior Humble Bundles, so be sure to […]

Bolt Unity Add-On Now Free

Unity Make Bolt Visual Scripting Solution Free

Unity acquired Bolt from Ludiq back in May of 2020 although no further announcements were made.  Today however that all changed when Unity announced that the Bolt visual scripting solution for the Unity game engine will now be free for all tiers of Unity, including the free or personal tiers.  Bolt is available immediately as […]

PlayCanvas Major Updates To Plans

PlayCanvas Plan Changes

The PlayCanvas HTML5 3D game engine just received a major update to the plans, adding major new features with no increase in price.  The new plans:The major changes are:5-10x increase on storage for all tiers Free: 200MB → 1GB Personal: 1GB → 10GB Organization: 10GB → 50GBCustomize the loading screen – remove PlayCanvas branding Download […]

Unreal Launch Fellowship Program for VFX Experts

Unreal Fellowship Launched

Unreal Engine is increasingly being used for virtual production in TV and Film, perhaps most famously in recent productions such as the Mandalorian.  This move to real-time tools in VFX development is only going to become more common and to encourage growth, Epic Games have launched the Unreal Fellowship program.The Unreal Fellowship is a 30-day […]

001 Game Creator Game Engine Review

001 Game Creator 2020 Review

001 G001 Game Creator is a storied game 2D and 3D game engine for Windows that is currently featured in the Game Creator Humble Bundle.  In this video we go hands-on with the game engine and see if it might be a good choice for you.  If you are still undecided on 001 Game Creator […]

ACDSee Video Editor 3 Currently Free

acdsee Video Studio 3 Free

After a recommendation from the Gamefromscratch discord server, today we take a look at acdsee Video Studio 3 that is available for free until July 29th, if registered with a valid email address.  Acdsee Video Studio enables you to capture, edit and produce video in an easy to use way.Acdsee Video Studio is described as:With […]

Lumberyard 1.25 Game Engine Released

Lumberyard 1.25 Released

After the incredibly frustrating release of Lumberyard 1.24 it’s safe to say I had low expectations of Lumberyard 1.25.  Thankfully this release has proven me wrong.Key features of the Lumberyard 1.25 release:The Updated Starter Game brings you an updated sample project that uses best practices for Script Canvas, physics, terrain, and more. Check out our […]

TileKit Map Editor


Tiletkit is a new tile based map editor available for Windows and Linux.  The key feature of Tilekit is a rules based pattern driven map editing, define your tiles and rules and the map editor takes care of the rest.Features:Unique pattern-based-rule autotiling system Map export to JSON Code-export of final ruleset to C or Lua […]

PixelMash Graphics Editor Review

Pixelmash 2020 Hands-On

Included in the currently running Humble Game Creator Bundle, today we go hands-on with Pixelmash, a pixel art graphics application for Windows and Mac OS.  Pixelmash is described as:A New, Easier Way To Make Pixel Art and Animated Sprites Pixelmash is a new kind of pixel art and animation tool that makes quick work of […]

Blender Tools For Unreal Engine

Blender Tools For Unreal Engine Released

Epic Games have just released a new set of tools aimed at making the lives of Blender users easier when working with Unreal Engine.  The tools consist of two projects, Send to Unreal and UE to Rigify.  Both are available on the Epic Games Github page, although you need to link your GitHub to your […]

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