Running the FMOD Moai Host on Mac OS

I ran into a small problem today, that took more then a few cycles to puzzle out.   Basically I was installing and configuring Moai to work on Mac, and this process had a few steps. First I had to install the FMOD libraries and configure them in Xcode.  Then I needed to build each […]

Meridian 59 open sourced and released under GPL

  I just read on Reddit  that Meridian 59 has been open sourced and hosted on Github.  I took a quick look at the code and it was written in straight C and appears to be quite clean and easy to read, at least, as readable as Win32 C code can be!   If you […]

Blender 2.64 release candidate released today

  The release candidate for the upcoming Blender 2.64 release was um, released today ( that’s a lot of releasing… ).   For game developers, there isn’t really a ton in this release targeting you, but then, we made out like bandits in the prior release so we can’t be greedy I suppose.   Of […]

Holy bloated Windows 7 install Batman!

In recent years I have gotten used to having increasingly larger hard drives, so I never really paid attention to how large Windows 7 had gotten.  Until I recently installed Win 7 on a 60GB SSD partition… and nearly half of if was consumed by the OS!   This is simply put, insane.   The […]

Moai Tutorial Part 4: Dealing with the keyboard… or not

  In this section we are going to do something we probably shouldn’t… work with the keyboard.  As you will soon see, when dealing with mobiles, this isn’t a particularly smooth journey! Mobile and keyboards go together like peanut butter and hand grenades.   As is always the way, let’s jump right in with code: […]

The death of a laptop

  So this weekend, my ultra-portable laptop gave up the ghost.  That machine dual booted Windows 8 and Ubuntu and I found myself using it more and more often, mostly because I’ve been travelling a lot and my primary laptop ( an Asus G53sx ) weighs slightly more than a small moon.  Well yesterday morning, […]

A complete PlayStation Vita game from scratch: Summary

  This post is a simple summary of all the code used in the complete Vita game tutorial series, all on a single page.  Additionally, you can download the complete project here.   Here is the end result of all of this code in action: Vita pong!     And here is the code:   […]

A complete PlayStation Vita game from scratch: Part Five

  In this section we are going to implement the Ball and the Paddle class.  Let’s jump right in with the Ball class   Ball.cs using System; using Sce.PlayStation.Core; using Sce.PlayStation.Core.Graphics; using Sce.PlayStation.HighLevel.GameEngine2D; using Sce.PlayStation.HighLevel.GameEngine2D.Base; using Sce.PlayStation.HighLevel.Physics2D; namespace Pong { public class Ball : SpriteUV { private PhysicsBody _physicsBody; // Change this value to make […]

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