Moai and Lua learning resources

  This is a general list of the various resources, books, tutorials and forums available for learning and working with Moai and Lua.  I will keep updating it as I discover more resources.  If I made a mistake or omission, please let me know either in comments or via the Contact form.   Books Programming […]

Cocos2D-html v2.0 has been released

  Cocos2D-html is an HTML5 port of the popular Cocos2d-x library, enabling you to make games that run in a browser, using a syntax that works virtually unchanged on a number of platforms.   You can download the source as a zip right here.   The project is also available on GitHub.     In […]

Building a Moai Android application

  This guide will run through the process of creating and building an Android host for use with Moai.   There are a number of installs and configurations you need to perform before you can build Moai for Android.  If you need details on any of the individual steps, click the link to jump to […]

Blitz Basic Plus free for a limited time

  As the title suggests, Blitz Basic Plus is currently free right now, marked down from the regular price of 60$.    Blitz Basic, in their own words, is: BlitzPlus provides developers with a complete 2D programming solution for the PC. Utilising a BASIC/C hybrid language for use with its compiler, BlitzPlus is capable of […]

Moai Tutorial Part 2: Loading and displaying a sprite

  When we last visited Moai land things were getting started, hot and pink; but just a bit boring.  Let’s spice it up a bit with a sprite that totally isn’t the logo from Watchmen!   screenWidth = MOAIEnvironment.screenWidth screenHeight = MOAIEnvironment.screenHeight print("Starting up on:" .. MOAIEnvironment.osBrand .. " version:" .. MOAIEnvironment.osVersion) if screenWidth == […]

Node server side handling of Handlebar templates

  In my prior post introducing the bones of our YUI based level editor, I showed the following way of loading in a template from the server: initializer:function(){ var that=this, request =‘/scripts/views/templates/person.Template’,{ on:{ complete:function(id,response){ var template = Y.Handlebars.compile(response.responseText); that.get(‘container’).setHTML(template(that.get(‘model’).getAttrs([‘name’,’age’,’height’]))); } } }); }   This works, but it is less than ideal.  There are […]

Creating a simple YUI Application Framework and Node app

  In this tutorial we are now going to implement a web app end to end using YUI and hosted in Node.  It isn’t actually going to do anything much, but it will illustrate everything you need to create a client and server in JavaScript using YUI App and Node.  Over time we will add […]

Wooga open sources Pocket Island HTML5 game

  Social games company Wooga have just open sourced their HTML5 game Pocket Island.  You can read the full Pocket Islands / Magic Land ( which used to be a Facebook App ) story right here.   If we are honest, after reading that I think they are putting too much blame at the feet […]

Why I am not using Appcelerator Titanium anymore

  A couple months back took a long look at Appcelerator and initially I loved what I saw.  For those of you unaware, Appcelerator allows you to develop “native” applications for Android and iOS in JavaScript that execute in a special version of the V8 JavaScript Engine. I started developing a prototype app of a […]

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