Cool Thing of the Week: Week 2

      This week’s cool thing isn’t new, not even close in fact.  It is actually 3 years old and has a few thousand alternatives, also freely available.  So then, why the hell am I show casing it?  Frankly because a) it’s damned good work b) programmers are always looking for alternatives to programmer […]

Unity 3.5 (public) beta announced

      I just received an email from Unity announcing the start of their 3.5 public beta.  Generally I wouldn’t get all that excited about a beta ( ok, that’s a lie, I love all things shiny and new! ), but this one is particularly big.           The biggest aspect […]

Cool thing of the week archives

    Following is the archive of prior “cool thing of the week” entries.  The Cool thing of the week is simply something I discovered, generally on the topic of game programming, that I think you should check out.  If you have a recommendation for a future “cool thing” email me.  Please also let me […]

Introducing the Cool Thing of the Week

    In the process of scouring the net, either out of my own interest, as research for possible articles or as part of my own development process, I come across tons of absolute gems.  This new weekly column is going to be showcasing these various sites of interest, I hope you find them as […]

Game From Scratch C++ Edition Part 9

    Last chapter we wrote some fairly lousy audio code, now it’s time to clean that up a bit.  Previously we showed how you could use the service locator design pattern to make a swappable interface available without using globals, now we are going to throw away all the FMOD bits and re-write all […]

Blender 2.61 released today

    Today the Blender Foundation announced the release of Blender 2.61, details of which are available here.   Easily the biggest feature of this release is the inclusion of the Cycles renderer, that exists alongside the traditional renderer.   The new dynamic paint modifier, wave simulator and motion tracking features are all also major […]

Photoshop Touch for Android Review/Walkthrough

  I just finished publishing my very first product review, this one covering Photoshop Touch for Android.  The whole world is looking for an alternative to the extremely expensive Photoshop CS without avail, has one finally arrived on Android for a mere 10$?     Read the review to find out!   If you only […]

What’s in the works at GameFromScratch?

    In case anyone was curious what exactly was coming up here at GameFromScratch, especially since I completely threw the original concept for this website out the window a few months back, this post is a summary of the current tasks I am looking at implementing.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.     First […]

Doom 3 source finally available

    Continuing the long standing ( and very cool ) tradition of releasing id source code a number of years after being released to market, the Doom3 engine/game source code has been made available on GitHub.     I have only had the chance to peruse it briefly, but I have to say what […]

Have you got the time?

    Handling game time is problem that almost all games have to deal with.  A very good question recently came up in my C++ game from scratch tutorial about why I didn’t normalize the players movements which reminded me of a post on the subject.     Years ago Shawn Hargreaves of XNA ( […]

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