Phaser 3.19 Released

Phaser, the popular open source 2D HTML 5 game framework, just released version 3.19.  Phaser 3.19 brings several new features and improvements Phaser319including a new Spine (learn more about this bone based 2D animation system here) plugin offering greater performance in a smaller package, a complete new Tweening system and several other new features.

Details from the Phaser blog:

This version will properly batch Spine skeletons where possible, potentially saving hundreds of draw calls. The plugin is fully documented and exports both debug and minified files, suitable for ES6 ‘importing’ or ES5 plugin inclusion. The whole plugin is just 68KB in size (min+gz), or a paltry 57KB if you only need the Canvas renderer! That’s a really tiny payload for such a massive feature-set. You can find out more about Spine from the Esoteric Software website.

3.19 also introduces a huge overhaul to the Tween system. Tweens now have 100% documentation and we’ve extended their capabilities significantly. There are lots of new Tween Events to listen for, such as ‘COMPLETE’ or ‘REPEAT’ to allow you to trigger actions without needing to create callbacks. Tweens can now tween both ‘from’ and ‘to’ a value, with the ability to set a starting value for any tweened property. There are lots of new handy methods and properties, such as Tween.hasStarted and a rewrite of the Tween seeking function, so it now allows you to seek to any point in time across a tween.

Finally, we’ve added in the great new ‘StaggerBuilder’. This allows you to easily add staggered offsets to a bunch of tween targets, including all kinds of options such as staggering across a grid layout, stagger directions, starting values and a lot more. Please see the docs and examples for more details.

Be sure to check the Phaser blog for complete details of this release.  Check the change log for an even more in-depth description of what is new and changed in the 3.19 release.  You can get an introduction and overview of Phaser 3 in our slightly dated Introduction To Phaser 3 video available here.

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