Phaser Editor 2.1.6 Released

Phaser Editor just released version 2.1.6.  Phaser Editor is an open source commercial game editor built on top of the Phaser game engine built on top of the Eclipse editor.  The 2.1.6 release brings Phaser editor to parity with the most current versions of Phaser and Eclipse.

Details from the release notes:

Phaser 3.22.0

The latest version of Phaser is now built-in. It is included in the project wizards, the Scene Editor, and the Phaser Labs tools.

The Phaser runtime files of your old projects are not updated. If you wish to update your game runtime to the new Phaser version you should do it manually. Learn more about it in the docs.

Eclipse IDE

We updated the editor to the latest Eclipse version (2019-12).

Asset Pack

  • #139: Use relative names of asset pack files in the new file dialogs:

  • #137: Bugfix: the New File wizard adds the new file to all the asset packs.

  • #138 Parameter to use the container folder as the key prefix of the new file items.

Now you can enable the Use container folder as a prefix for new asset keys parameter. It is in the global preferences (Window > Preferences > Phaser Editor > Asset Pack Editor). By default it is disabled.

If the parameter is enabled, when you add new assets it will use the name of the container folder of the asset pack as the prefix of the new key. For example, if you add a file background.png and the asset pack file is in the folder level3, then the new key will be level3.background. Only in case of scene files, the prefix is ignored.

Texture Packer

  • #141 Show import button in Properties.

macOS Mojave users are experiencing problems to drop files into the Texture Packer editor. We added a new button in the Properties view to import the files selected in the Blocks view.

Text editors

  • #142: Bugfix: cursor is lost in a text editor after save (Windows 10).

Phaser Editor is available for download on Linux, Mac and Windows here.  PhaserEditor is open source under the EPL license available here on GitHub.  Learn more seeing Phaser Editor in action in the video below.

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