Phaser Turns 10 — Release 3.60 Version

The open source HTML5 game development Phaser just turned 10 and to celebrate they released Phaser 3.60, the biggest release to date. You can learn more about the first decade of Phaser in this Patreon blog post. If you are interested in learning Phaser check out our (somewhat dated) tutorial available here.

Highlight new features of Phaser 3.60 include:

  • 14 bundled Special FX including Bloom, Blur, Distort, Glow, Wipe, and more
  • Vastly improved Mobile Rendering Performance – over 7000% faster!
  • New Timeline Sequencer for creating complex flows of events
  • New Plane Game Object for perspective distortions
  • New Nine Slice Game Object for perfect UI scaling
  • Built-in Spector JS for WebGL debugging on desktop and mobile
  • Brand new Video Game Object handles videos and media streams with ease
  • Brand new Particle Emitter comes with explosive new features
  • Support for Spatial Audio and distance-based volume
  • New Spine 4 Plugin support
  • Upgraded to Matter Physics v0.19
  • New Tween Manager with better performance and memory management
  • New Dynamic Textures for rendering to textures at runtime
  • New TimeStep features and Timer Event Updates for enforcing fps rates and more
  • Support for Compressed Textures
  • ESM Module Support

Key Links

Phaser 3.60 Release Notes

GitHub Repository

Phaser Homepage

You can learn more about the Phaser 3.60 release and the first decade of Phaser development in the video below.

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