PICO-8 Free Education Edition

PICO-8, the popular fantasy console, just launched the new completely free PICO-8 Education Edition. It is essentially the same version of PICO-8, except that it’s free and browser based.

Here is the developer’s announcement tweet:

PICO-8 is a very barebones virtual computer with a full set of tools for creating games. The virtualized hardware is extremely limited:

Display128×128 16 colours
Cartridge Size32k
Sound4 channel chip blerps
Sprites256 8×8 sprites
Map128×32 cels

These simple specs are meant to focus you on game development by stripping away all of the complexities, while providing just the tools you need. There is a huge community of PICO-8 developers to learn from and share your creations with.

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You can learn more about the new free PICO-8 Education Edition and see it in action in the video below.

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