picoCAD — A Tiny Modeller For Tiny Models

Today we are checking out picoCAD, a free minimalist 3D modelling application written entirely in PICO-8. PICO-8 is a fantasy console (click here to learn about it and other virtual consoles) that provides a complete virtual computing environment with massively restrained, generally 8bit style features, as well as a Lua programming interface. PicoCAD is a 3D modelling tool written using PICO-8.

Key features of picoCAD include:

  • Streamlined and easy to use editor
  • Place and modify meshes to create amazing things
  • Live manipulation of textures and UV coordinates 
  • A unique look with picoCAD’s dithered shading
  • Render in wireframe, solid fill, or textured
  • Ships with a manual that is worth reading
  • Save files in easy to read text format
  • Exports Twitter friendly GIFs
  • NEW – Export to OBJ/MTL and import to Blender, Unity, etc

The exporter is available as part of a separate Toolbox application, both of which are available for download on Itch. picoCAD is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. You can check it out in action in the video below. If you are looking for help or want to give the developer feedback, be sure to check out their Discord server available here.

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