Pixelmash 2020 Hands-On

Included in the currently running Humble Game Creator Bundle, today we go hands-on with Pixelmash, a pixel art graphics application for Windows and Mac OS.  Pixelmash is described as:

A New, Easier Way To Make Pixel Art and Animated Sprites

Pixelmash is a new kind of pixel art and animation tool that makes quick work of many of the hardest parts of pixel art. Paint or import high-resolution artwork and then non-destructively pixelize it, animate layers using transforms, and apply advanced layer effects to create stunning art in no time. Mix and match hi-res layers with traditional hand-drawn pixel-by-pixel layers for incredible flexibility!

Pixelmash was recently updated to 2020 version, with new features including:

  • Added save and load custom layer effects
  • Added save project as template (saves all layer effects)
  • Added color profile support and management
  • Added gradient effect
  • Added reference image/layer support
  • Added ability to make parent layer effects not affect children
  • Added ability to paint anywhere in tiled view
  • Bug fixes

In the video below we showcase the features and functionality of this interesting pixel art application.

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