PixelOver — Godot Powered Pixel Art Creation Tool

PixelOver is a interesting application, developed using the Godot Engine (like Material Maker, BitMap Flow and PixelORama), that enables you to quickly create pixel art from images. This is by no means the only tool to do this, another such example we covered in the past is PixelMash. That said, PixelOver is evolving rapidly, having just released version 0.6 which added bone based animation and animation trails among other features.

PixelOver is available on PixelOver.io for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is currently on sale for just under $20USD on Itch.io if you are interested in picking it up. The next release is promising 3D support among other features.

PixelOver is described as:

PixelOver is a software to transform your arts to pixel arts as best as possible.

As a pixel artist, you can use it to quickly make accurate drafts of your sketchs.

As digital painter or 3D modeler, you can use this software to fit your arts with your whole pixel art games.

There is a fully functioning but export limited demo available for download. The complete version enables you to export your results in either animated GIF format, or as sprites, either separate or as a game ready spritesheet. You can learn more about PixelOver in the video below.

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