Plask — Create 3D Animations Using Video

Plask is a new web based service for easily creating 3D animations from a simple video source. Simply upload the video (or record from webcam directly in Plask) and apply it to one of their rigged characters (or upload your own) and Plask will use AI to create a 3D animations based on the video uploaded. This service is very similar to RADiCAL and DEEPMOTION Animate 3D (which we covered here and here). All three of these services make creating animations simple without the need for motion capture hardware, although the end results can vary massively.

The workflow is fairly straight forward. You start by uploading a video containing the animation you wish to convert, or use the built in webcam tool to create the video directly in Plask. Once the video is created you use the in-built tools to trim the video to just the portion you are interested in, then let Plask generate the animation. The animation can then be applied to one of their provided 3D models, or you can upload your own rigged 3D model (Mixamo models work out of the box), then map the rigging using the providing remapping tool if needed. Finally add the generated animation to a character then you can export it in a variety of 3D formats including FBX and GLTF.

Details of Plask from

Quickly animate your character with just a webcam

Simply record your video on your webcam. Smart AI will capture the motion for you, making animation a breeze.

Edit your animation with our browser-based editing tool

No need to switch apps. Find all the necessary tools for your animation to be perfect in just one place.

Share, review and collaborate right in the browser

Manage your ideas and projects in the browser with Plask. It seamlessly integrates into your workflow, whether you’re working solo or collaborating with your team.

Most major file formats supported

We support most professional file formats including GLB, FBX, BVH, and more.

Plask is currently completely free, so if you are interested in checking it out head on over to or simply watch it in action in the video below.

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