PlayCanvas Plan Changes

The PlayCanvas HTML5 3D game engine just received a major update to the plans, adding major new features with no increase in price.  The new plans:

The major changes are:

  • 5-10x increase on storage for all tiers
    • Free: 200MB → 1GB
    • Personal: 1GB → 10GB
    • Organization: 10GB → 50GB
  • Customize the loading screen – remove PlayCanvas branding
  • Download your apps – to host your game/app to your own server
  • Export and import project archives – for making offline backups of your projects

You can learn more about the changes on the PlayCanvas blog.  If you are interested in learning more about PlayCanvas, check out our two part tutorial available here and here as well as in video form here.  You can learn more about the plan changes and PlayCanvas in the video below.

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