PlayStation 4 details emerge


So, Sony are holding an announcement for the PlayStation 4 tonight in New York.


The following details have emerged so far, I will update as I have more.


PlayStation 4 is based on “supercharged” X86 architecture.

Will have a PC GPU

Will have 8GB of RAM

The controller is the one to the right that was leaked earlier in the week, the center portion is a touchpad.

Instant suspend/resume of in game um… games.

Remote playing of other peoples games… ( odd one this one ).  You can remotely take control of a friends game to show them how to do something.

Autodownload and backload downloads.  Goal is to have game downloaded before you purchase it… sounds like a massive bandwidth waste, especially for those of us on capped internet services.

“Share” button added to the controller, for making videos of gameplay and presumably, to facilitate the remote helping described above.

Developer Note: Spectating tools being made available to developers to enable spectating and interaction between friends, example given was “allowing friends to share a potion”

PS VITA becoming much more important. Remote play built in to PS4, allowing you to remotely play on your PS Vita.  Goal is to make EVERY title playable on the PS Vita.  Playstation Vita just got a huge boost in capability!

“every game in the PlayStation store will be playable instantly, free.” – not really sure what this means in execution.

Play while downloading support available to developers.

Integration with phones, mobile devices and Vita.  Details super vague.


New Killzone game shown, redefines meh for me.  Movements made me really want to hurl and watching NPCs move was… underwhelming. Sharing at the end was a nice touch though.


DriveClub next.  Looks like a new Test Drive Unlimited… online team based racer.  I LOVED TDU, so I’m stoked.


New Infamous game, PS exclusive.


PlayStation score indie darlings Jonathon Blow’s next game The Witness, at least initially.   Nice to see the initial indie focus.


Move controller back, Media Molecule demonstrated using Move controller as a 3D sculpting tool, like zBrush in 3D.  Can we all say gimmick?  People have been trying to hawk 3D sculpting tools for decades in the CAD world, they don’t work.


Capcom demo new engine and new IP. Square rehash existing engine demonstration.


Development environment “excellent, powerful and easy to use” – Square CTO


New Final Fantasy title… I think… um… 


LOL, Bungie title on PS4… Destiny.  Hey Microsoft, you screwed up.  Then again, is anyone shocked, that’s kinda what Microsoft Games does now.

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