PlayStation Mobile now free again


When I was three quarters finished writing my PlayStation Mobile book Sony implemented a 99$ annual fee for PlayStation Mobile if you wanted to publish, or worse, run on a physical device. This was an “awww crap” moment for me, as it shrunk my potential audience down massively. People that owned a PS Vita and just wanted to play around coding for it certainly weren’t going to pay another 100$ a year! Worse, it made open source projects, like the Monogame port, just that much less likely to happen.


Fortunately today, Sony corrected this mistake!

We’re always looking to support new developer talent, so we’ve decided to waive the publisher license fee (€80, £65) for PlayStation Mobile, which means you can bring your games to PlayStation Vita or any PlayStation-certified device, free of charge.

Those of you who want to throw your hat into the ring of PlayStation Mobile development now have the perfect opportunity to place your game alongside popular titles like Haunt the House: Switch Galaxy and Beats Trellis.


You can read the entire post here.

Good move, now announce PlayStation 4 support and ill be absolutely delighted!


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