PlayStation Mobile SDK 1.10.0 Beta released


A new beta release of the PlayStation Mobile SDK has just been released.


First off, it’s very important to realize this is a *BETA RELEASE*, meaning you can publish with this version.  This version also cannot be installed side by side with the release version.


Key changes in this version are:


Changes in Version 1.10.00

  • PS3(TM) wireless controller is available on PC Simulator.
  • Screen can be scaled and rendered automatically when actual device screen size is different from specified size in the program.
  • ADPCM format supported in Sound class.
  • New APIs added to SoundPlayer and BgmPlayer.
  • Camera and Location APIs added.
  • Improved CPU performance on PlayStation(R)Vita.
  • Fixed some issues of HTTP/HTTPS connection.
  • Fixed other issues.


Some pretty nice changes in this release.  The use of a PS3 controller with the Simulator was a huge missing feature, it’s nice to see it added as you can now test analog controls in the simulator.  Adding GPS and Camera SDKs is also quite nice, as of course are performance fixes.


You can read the full details here.

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