Post Processing Tool for Godot

A new project was just released for the Godot game engine, the Post Processing Tool. This is a simple project that makes enabling post processing effects extremely easy. Simply add the tools folder to your project and create an instance of PostProcessing_Tool.tscn. This will expose 9 different special effects to your game, including:

  • adjustment
  • white balance
  • color splash
  • bloom
  • chromatic aberration
  • noise
  • glitch
  • fog overlay
  • vignette

Some of these effects can be accomplished out of the box using Godot world environment settings, the but Post Processing Tool makes the process a simple matter of configuring a few settings and clicking a checkbox. Additionally some of the effects such as Vignette are not currently available out of the box.

The project is open source under the MIT license with the code available on GitHub and should be relatively easy to extend. You can learn more about the Post Processing Tool for Godot and see it in action in the video below.

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