Procedural Worlds Unity Mega Bundle

Unity are running another Mega Bundle, this one is the Procedural Worlds Mega Bundle. It isn’t actually assets for creating procedural worlds, instead it is a curated collection of Unity assets from the company Procedural Worlds, whose assets are also 50% off. These assets are designed to pair well with Procedural Worlds assets, such as Gaia (which we covered in 2018) and therefore should work well together.

The MegaBundle is organized into tiers:

30$ Tier

  • SoulLink Procedural AI Spawner
  • Fish School Bundle
  • Northern Lights Pack

35$ Tier

  • Beech Forest Ecosystem
  • Cartoon Insect Characters
  • Village Exteriors Kit

40$ Tier

  • Crest Ocean System URP
  • Jungle – Tropical Vegetation
  • CiDy 2
  • Polyverse Skies – Low Poly Skybox Shader
  • Lava & Volcano Environment 2019
  • Massive Clouds Atmos – Volumetric Skybox
  • Global Snow
  • InControl
  • Ultimate Medieval Constructor
  • Survival Template PRO

You can learn more about the Procedural Worlds Unity Mega Bundle in the video below, including several assets including CiDy 2, Survival Template PRO and more in action. Links on this page contain an affiliate code that pay GFS a small commission if used (and thanks if you do!)

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