Procreate 5.2 Adds 3D Texturing Support

Released last week, Procreate 5.2 added 3D texture painting to the popular iPad graphics application. Procreate has long been popular for sketching and painting on iOS devices but with the addition of 3D texturing support, this tool becomes much more useful for game developers looking for a more natural texture creation workflow. You can import 3D models in OBJ format and export in ZBrush, OBJ and Precreate’s own 3D format, as well as rendered or AR versions of your finished work. Please note however that imported 3D objects need to have proper UV maps or they will not import.

Procreate 5.2 isn’t only about 3D support and contains tons of new features.

Release notes from the Apple iOS App Store:

• iPadOS 15 memory updates

iPad Pros with 6GB of RAM or more can now take advantage of the extra memory and create even more layers and even bigger resolutions. Compatible iPads can now create canvas sizes up to 16k by 8k, and make hundreds more layers for animation.

• Stroke Stabilization

Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast. Combine standard Stabilization with Procreate’s new Motion Filtering for ultra smooth and stable stroke creation. Set stabilization app-wide, or apply to individual brushes in Brush Studio.

• Recent Brushes

All of your most recently used brushes are now just a tap away. Recent Brushes automatically populates with your last used brushes, plus you can pin your favorites so they’re always available.

• Brush Size Memory

Save your exact brush size and opacity with just a single tap. Creatives, tattoo artists and inkers can now keep every line beautifully even and consistent as you save up to four size or opacity memories within any brush across paint, smudge and erase.

• 3D Model Painting

Paint gorgeously detailed 3D models for game assets, industrial design, or just to learn something new. Paint directly on OBJ and USD models with all your favorite brushes, QuickShape, image filters, and more.

• Material brushes

Paint beautiful textures with Color, Metallics and Roughness all at once with Material brushes. Isolate individual materials and apply effects and adjustments, transform, smudge, paint or erase. Any normal and ambient occlusion materials from your model will also be respected.

• Page Assist

Ideal for creating storyboards, comics, books or use it as a sketchbook. Keep your focus on a single page or quickly flick through to where you need to be. Import PDFs directly into Page Assist. Get down to business and Procreate. Ha Ha Business!

• Lighting Studio

Use up to four customizable full color light sources to create that perfect atmosphere. Then place your object into any of the 11 natural and artificial lighting environments, ranging from Nightlife to Daytime and anywhere in-between.

• View in AR

Bring your 3D painting into the real world using AR. Perfect for client presentations, or confusing children.

• 3D Animated Export

Share your 3D creations quickly and easily in an animated video. Bring them to life by displaying every angle using full rotations with Spin. But maybe you don’t like to go all the way? We have something for you swingers too.

• Improved Adjustments

It’s really great to Pencil in filters using any brush! What wasn’t great was having to choose between Layer and Pencil every single time you wanted to apply an Adjustment. Layer and Pencil options are now always available to switch between; you can apply an effect to the entire layer, then retouch with Apple Pencil at any time.

• New Color Cards

Get yourself some hardware store chic with the new larger palette swatches. Colors are automatically named by shade and color, or customize the name at any time. You’ll never struggle to find Disruptive Beige again. You can smell the sausages from here.

• Larger Text

None of us are getting any younger and its reassuring to know you can now increase the size of Procreate’s text. Sliders, thumbnails and buttons will also get swol making Procreate more usable for more artists.

• Single Touch Gestures

Use a single touch to move, zoom and rotate your canvas, or fit to canvas without needing to pinch.

Procreate is available on the App Store for $10USD and the upgrade is a free one for existing customers. You can learn more about Procreate 5.2 and see the 3D and AR functionality in action in the video below. If you are interested in iPad game development tools, check out our earlier video on Nomad Sculpt as well.

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