Programmer Art: A simple Jet blend for generating game sprites and how to use it


Today while putting together this Phaser spritesheet tutorial I found myself needing a series of sprites to create a sprite sheet with.  Downloading samples from the web can be a tedious process, especially when TexturePacker wants individual frames.  Then I remembered the Blend file for my Blender Game Art tutorial was sitting on my dropbox folder, preconfigured to render sprites.  Two seconds letter, presto, the sprites I needed.


Then I realized in the entire tutorial series, I didn’t actually published the finished Blend.  Oops.  It dawned on me today that programmers struggling with programmer art might find a Blend file that can spit out a sequence of jet sprites could be of some use, so here is this post.


First, here is the blend file.  It’s nothing special, but its already animated and the texture is included in the Blend file.


Now, the how to use it part.  Double click the Blend, and assuming you have Blender installed, it will load up preconfigured for you.  Now to render a sequence of frames.


The initial window should look like this:



Now on the right hand side, change the output directory to where you want the files to render:




An absolute path is fine by the way ( aka, C:TEMP ).  I used c:tempspritesjet

This will result in the files having the name jet in the folder c:tempsprite.  It will make it if it doesn’t exist.


Now scroll that window up and click the animation button:



And now open the folder and presto:



20 Sprites ready for game use!


Of course you can play around with the settings and camera to get different angles etc.  For higher resolution images or more frames, change that in the render panel:





Hope some of you find this useful the next time you need a sprite animation!


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