PS Suite sprite tutorial translated to Spanish



A few days back I was contacted about translating some of my Vita tutorials into Spanish.  Well the results of that conversation are available here on  This is my imagespritesheet tutorial translated into Spanish.  I believe they are going to translate more tutorials in the future, so if you prefer reading Spanish to English, be sure to check it out! You need to register to be able to access the forum.


Is the translation good?  Beats the heck out of me!  My Spanish abilities begin and end with “La cerveza, por favor”, which frankly has served me well! Smile


On this topic, if you are interested in translating any of my content to another language, either hosted on your own site or hosted here, feel free!  The only thing I ask in return is a link back to the original source tutorial ( AKA, credit ) and a link to the finished product, either emailed to me ( mike [at] gamefromscratch [dot] com ) or as a comment.  It’s always cool seeing something you’ve written in a different language… even if you are reading it through a half illegible Google translation!


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