Python Superpowers Bundle on Humble

There is another Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, specifically Python developers, the Python Superpowers bundle. This bundle pairs well with the earlier No Starch programming book bundle, which contained a number of Python related titles, so if you are interested in learning Python, this could be an excellent opportunity.

Normally at this point we would break down the contents of this bundle by tiers, but in this case the tiers simply result in more courses and longer subscription terms and are a bit confusing. Instead we will cover the essence of this bundle, which are subscriptions to two Python development tools.

The first is PyCharm, which is available in 2 – 6 month pro level subscriptions based on the tier you selected. PyCharm is a Python IDE from JetBrains, the makers of IDEs such as WebStorm, IntelliJ and Project Rider, and PyCharm will be immediately comfortable to anyone that has used one of those tools. The other subscription is between 2- 12 months of subscription to Sourcery Pro, a code refatoring tool. Free editions of both tools are available if you wish to check them out in advance. Additionally there are several Python related video courses (with companion text materials) available depending on which tier you select.

As with all Humble Bundles, you get to decide how your funds are allocated, between charity, Humble, the publisher and if you so choose (and thanks so much if you do!) to support GFS using this link. You can learn more about this bundle in the video below.

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