Quaternius Free 3D Assets

When it comes to free game development assets we live in bountiful times, as todays featured site Quaternius will demonstrate. Quaternius contains thousands of 3D assets, often game ready, rigged and animated in a wide variety of genres and themes. Like the similar asset packs from Kenney.nl, Quaternius assets are released under the CC0 open source license allowing liberal usage rights.

In addition to a variety of free 3D assets, they also have several single page animated tutorials similar to the free tutorials available on Lospec (another excellent free art resource). All of the assets are available for download from Google drive, although if you support via Patreon you can get a single file download to get them all at once.

Key Links

Quaternius Free 3D Models

Kenney.nl Free Assets

Lospec – Tutorials and Colour Pallettes

You can learn more about the free assets available on Quaternius in the video below.

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