Quite around here….



You may notice that the number of posts around here have dropped off recently and will drop off for a bit longer.  First off, let me just say sorry.  I know I personally hate it when I check on a website in my daily rotation if there isn’t any new updates. 


So why so quite?


Well, there are a couple reasons. 


First, the industry is a bit quite this time of year, no news means nothing to talk about.


Second, I am just coming to the end of a large project I’ve been working on that I can announce more details about shortly.


Third, well, it’s the holidays in my parts.  Oddly enough, all of my celebrations are early this year and the holidays are nothing if not time consuming. There is an ironic flipside to this… later in the month, when the actual holidays approach, well I will have tons of free time, so expect to see new content then by the truckload… at least, if its a very small truck.


So, let me wish you an early Happy Holidays and say, don’t worry… new content is in the works… it will just be a bit slow to appear.

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