Quixel Acquires RD-Textures

Quixel have just acquired RD-Textures and have finished incorporating their library of scanned textures into the Megascans library. Epic Games acquired Quixel back in 2019 and since have made the entire Megascans library free for Unreal Engine developers (and cheaper for all others). In fact, Unreal Engine 5 has Quixel Bridge integrated out of the box.

Details of the acquisition from the Quixel Forum:

We have some exciting news to share: RD-Textures scans are now becoming part of the Quixel Megascans library.

We’re delighted to further our mission of empowering artists by making our scans more accessible than ever. These assets look no different from the rest of the Megascans assets, but if you’re interested to see all the RD-Textures that are available in the Megascans library, simply search by the keyword ‘RDT’. Check the FAQ for more details. We hope you have fun creating with these new variety of assets!

Key Links

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MegaScans in Unreal Engine 5

You can learn more about the RD-Textures acquisition and see Quixel Bridge/Megascans in action in Unreal Engine 5 in the video below.

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