Quixel Mixer 2018.2.2 Released

MegaScans Quixel Mixer 2018.2.2 was just released.  Quixel Mixer is a tool for quickly creating photorealistic textures by combining existing textures, in addition to using several built in painting tools integrated directly into Photoshop.  The new Mixer release includes several new features including a new eye dropper tool, a new orthographic view, straight line painting tools and more.

New features from the release notes include:

  • Added Eyedropper, both via quick access (shift-left click color swatch), via Color Picker and via Q
  • Orthographic View, toggled via the shortcut “P” (Including Angle-based Snap Rotation)
  • Added Straight Line Painting, which can be canvas-aligned or camera-aligned (Shift or Shift+S respectively)
  • Change layer textures, without changing the current layer settings (Right-click menu on layer)
  • Added several new HDRIs
  • Match Color to Base functionality (Middle mouse click color swatch)
  • Added Quick Export (Ctrl+Shift+E)
  • Several new stock paint brushes added
  • Major improvements to Mixing performance!
  • Numerous other minor bug fixes and quality of life improvements!

You can learn a great deal more about this release on the MegaScans blog or by watching the features video embedded below.

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