Quixel Mixer 2019 Released

Quixel have just released Quixel Mixer 2019 which is currently free while in beta.  Quixel Mixer is a PBR texture generation tool that works by blending and modifying existing textures in layers, which can then be modified using a number of different tools, enabling you to create amazing textures in a very small amount of time.  Quixel Mixer is tightly integrated into their own MegaScans texture library, although you can easily import your own PBR materials, such as those found here. We took an in-depth hands-on look at Mixer just last month.  The 2019 release brings several new features to the table, including a ton of new procedural masking tools such as pattern generators and new noise modifiers.

Details on the new Mast Stack from the Quixel blog:

The biggest new feature in Mixer 2019 is the Mask Stack.

It unlocks a whole new level of creativity through a total synergy between scans and procedurals, completely controllable with custom sculpting and hand-painting. This potent combination gives you the best of all worlds, enabling a slew of material authoring workflows, like procedural material creation, stylized textures, scan-based PBR materials from photos, terrain creation and much more.

With the new Mask Stack you can procedurally author, modify, and define your materials completely non-destructively, responsively and instantly. With zero loading and rendering time, you get instant feedback on your actions and adjustments.

We have big plans for Mixer and intend to rapidly expand its abilities with new features and tools together with feedback and learning from you, our amazing community.

Another interesting tidbit from the blog:

The introduction of the Mask Stack opens up a huge and vast platform for us to expand upon. This the first step towards adding Smart Materials to the Mixer and bringing over highly requested and familiar features from Quixel Suite. We will be extending this in the coming months and would love to hear your feedback and input on how you think it can be improved.

So expect more and more functionality from the Quixel Suite to find it’s way into Quixel Mixer as time goes on.

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